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ITC and ATC replace CAP Probatoire and BACC in English Technical Schools Cameroon by MINESEC

ITC and ATC replace CAP Probatoire and BACC in English Technical Schools in Cameroon as implemented by the Minister of Secondary Education at MINESEC in accordance with the presidential degree reorganizing the GCE Board.

Following Decree No 2018/514 of 22nd October 2018, the Minister of Secondary education at MINESEC Professor Nalova Lyonga declares that with respect to the reorganisation of the Cameroon GCE board, the shall be no more CAP, Probatoire and BACC examination for Cameroon English Technical school.

Instead the shall be just two exams with one written in form five and the other written in Upper Sixth.

The one written in form Five shall be called INTERMEDIATE TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE (ITC). And the exam written in Upper Sixth shall be called ADVANCED TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE (ATC) and ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE (APC).

This decree shall take effect as from the 2019/2020 academic year, hence marking the beginning of the application of English subsystem of education to Aglophone technical schools in Cameroon.

Note: The Advanced Professional Certificate is for candidates with working experience and is as follows: 1 year working experience for BACC holders, 2 years working experience for PROBATOIRE holders and three years for CAP holders. Candidates are expected to prsent an attestation of work upon registration.

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ITC and ATC replaces CAP Probatoire and BACC
ITC and ATC replace CAP Probatoire and BACC

New examination subjects and structures have been issued by the GCE Board for the implementation of this decree. Evaluations now will be at the level of papers, though speciall consideration must also be put in place to ensure it satisfy the purpose of having validate learning in a technical institution.

Students are expect to read more and master the science behind the subjects and the shall be an MCQs section which will certainly need a broader mastery of the theoritical section of learning.

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