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Sleeping with boss is a new way that African men trick girls to satisfy their selfish sex desire.

Sleeping with young ladies looking for a job by some unscrupulous employers has been the order of the day in South Africa. The sad part of the story is that not all the young ladies ends up having the promised job even after sleeping with the supposed employer. But no sleeping with boss, no job for you.

Pretoria ☆ Hiring outlets are now overshadowed with scandals and oxygen promises. There is a muscular Zulu man who drives a white Q7 in Pretoria who continues to hammer the butterflies of numerous ladies in Pretoria who are thirsty for jobs, causing young ladies sleeping with boss just in the name of job.

☆ The charcoaled man with a ballooned belly of the famous kgogomodumo appoint with these ladies in his office stationed in Pretoria industrial then barbecue their meaty structure with his V12 barrel.

☆ He screwed a lot of ladies with his falsified information. He told them that he is an agent to most of the Chinese companies, and he is the one initiating employee database for them

sleeping with boss

☆ ” I gave Mike my all, and I will even change positions just to make him happy. I wanted to give him the whole package to the core. The fact that Mike slaughtered my cookie with a gargantuan pipe leaves me in lancinating pain as no man will accommodate his rail way line he established in me. I am going to report this guy. He fooled me.” One young beautiful patrician with collected breast of note and collapsing behinds said this tears breaming from her eyes.

Sleeping with boss is a new way that African men trick girls to satisfy their selfish sex desire.

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