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Pastor goes missing, with cash, church items and deacon’s wife

A pastor who ministers the word at a church in the parish of St James has been missing and so is the wife of a deacon. Church members attending that church are left stranded for the third consecutive week with no one to administer to them during worship hours.

According to sources, throughout November (2018), the entire congregation at church (name not mentioned), were left astonished when they turned up for worship one Sunday and saw the deacon (elder) in a state of madness.

After making checks, the deranged deacon told the members that, during the wee hours of the night his wife moved out of the matrimonial home and he has now learnt that, she and their pastor were seen driving away from the community before daybreak that morning.

Calls to the cellphones of both the pastor and the missing woman went unanswered.

“mi never did trust that pastor man“, one church member elaborated, “him always a run some kinda joke wid the church sister them and every night him want turn up a somebody else yard, fi dinner “.

Other church members joined in and revealed to us that (their pastor) was a single man and he is not really from the community, but he recently came there to live after taking over as head of their church.

Our team also learnt that since lately, the Deacon’s wife have been spending most of her afternoon at another church located in the said quiet farming community.

Early November, an argument developed between the deacon and the pastor, over his wife spending too much time at the church and members of the church were sent into shock after the church brother was immediately promoted to deacon.

During the following weeks, things went smoothly until the woman (deacon’s wife), started to threaten her husband (the deacon), that she was going to leave him.

He never took her words seriously, until the drama unfolded.

Information gathered from a few church members states that several items owned to the church and an amount of cash, have gone missing, and they are now making an all-out search to locate their missing pastor, and the missing deacon’s wife. Jamaica