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Cheating Couple Gets ‘Stuck’ In The Middle Of The Act

Infidelity and unfaithfulness is the order of the day for most married people, living their spouse with a breaking heart not knowing what to do, at times this even leads to the faithful party to be affect by deadly disease that they know nothing about. All this just because the husband can’t control the stick down his trouser or the wife can’t control the hole under her skirt. Why do people even get marry if they know the can’t remain faithful with one partner, Better still they could just indulge in polygamy which is widely accepted by the African community. The story of the cheating couple below will surely set an example for others.

What ever the case some brave partners have break the odds of going extra mile just to make sure that their other half does not indulge in such activities or if they do something terrible should happen. Just like this case where a Ugandan husband prepared a charm to lock her wife and that should she cheat on her then let their private parts get stuck together to serve as a lesson.

According to our sources,a cheating couple got stuck in bed last week in the middle of the act.
An eye witness further disclosed that the woman involved was ‘locked’ by her Ugandan husband who is employed as a truck driver.

Meanwhile, the wife to the victim has vowed to let the two who were stuck in each whose sexual organs had got intact to serve as a warning and lesson to the rest of the cheating spouses.
Below is the photo of the ‘cheating couple’ inside the hospital in an attempt to ‘disconnect’ their ‘engines’.

“I told my wife to stop cheating on me but she refused to listen, so I prepared a charm to make her private part get stuck with that of any man with whom she cheats on me. Thank God the charm worked and I have caught her today” The Ugandan husband of the woman lamented.