PICS : The Man Who Was Resurrected By Pastor Alph Lukau Had A Cellphone In His Pocket

The unidentified man who was said to be resurrected by Pastor Lukau yesterday in his church had a cellphone in his pocket according to a picture which is circulating on social media.This has further sparked a debate concerning yesterday’s ‘resurrection’.

  • The ‘dead’ man in the pictures below has his mouth open, the undertaker would have made sure to close the deceased ‘s mouth.  The chap in the pictures was breathing through his mouth look closely.
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  • The facial reactions from people around the pastor give away the plot, they don’t appear shocked or surprised. They too were part of the plot.
  • The Funeral parlor alleged to have handled the deceased is distancing itself from the miracle and threatening legal action.
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Given the above evidence, gullible Christians were taken for a ride yet again. This miracle was stage-managed and a means to raise Lukau’s popularity.

The Lukau Resurrection challenge

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