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Pictures of people who collected black magic ring from Seer 1

Pictures of list of people who collected black magic ring from Seer 1 has been revealed.

Prophet Seer 1 came to lamp light after releasing a video warning all those who took powers from him to bring the powers back. He give powers to both politician and pastors alike, by given them a black magic ring which they use to succeed in their various activities.

Prophet Seer 1 normally practiced this powers in Zambean where he help the leading PF party win many elections with his magic ring. But he was later deported back to Nigeria which is his home country. Seer 1 seemingly not happy with his expulsion from Zambia demanded back his black magic ring and powers in 20 days or dead. Panicking break out among a large number of people in Zambia who has been benefiting greatly from this supernatural powers. This set of persons include both pastors and politicians.

While some of this persons where bracking that prophet Seer 1 can’t do the anything, another set of persons like pastor Sunday pleaded for mercy from Seer 1 and promise to meet him in South Africa for possible negotiation. It is clear pastor Sunday is not alone, as Seer 1 has traveled to South Africa where he is expected to meet a good number of his victims who are pleading for mercy.

The pictures below shows a part list of people who colected black magic ring from Seer 1. Take a critical look at the fingers, you will noticed they all wear a similar kind of black decorated ring. This is exactly what Seer 1 is asking back, and it is the same ring that has been given them all the powers they enjoy. Prophet Seer 1 has given then 20 days or face dead.

Seer 1 claim there is nothing wrong with the powers he is given out to people through the black magic ring, and said it existed long before the coming of Jesus and is what has always been use before Jesus for healing and blessings. He called it supernatural power and insisted the whiteman calls it witchcraft just to make it look bad.