Police arrest native doctor for impregnating pastors wife

When you thought you have seen it all, but how could even be possible? What relationship can a native doctor relly have in a pastor’s family?

Report reaching us says that a Ghanaian native doctor “Jojo” (Popularly called miracle wonder) has impregnated the wife of a Nigerian pastor Ike Sunday based in Ghana.

The complete information about the story is not yet known but report reaching us from an unverified source says, the native doctor seemingly is the one giving powers to the nigerian pastor to perform miracles for a fixed amount of tithe to be paid every three months to the native doctor.

This native doctor has once complain of the pastor not paying his tithe for the past one year and has often threaten to deal with him his own way.

In the wake of the anger, the native doctor is suspected to have use some of his powerful charms to confuse the pastor’s wife lay down on his bed as payback for her husband disobedience.

The native doctor confess at the police station to have been doing it for the pass 6 months, and now the pastors wife is already 1 month pregnant.

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