Principal bans all forms of $exy dressing after student impregnates female teacher

The entire students and staff of Government High School Biyem Assi in Yaounde Cameroon are left in shock after receiving the news of a young male student having impregnated a female teacher teaching Spanish in the same institution.

Relationships in schools these days have taken a different look with rampant immoral behaviour common amongst students and teachers.

Worse of all the is no boundary between students and teachers both male and female.

In previous times we commonly situation male teachers impregnating a female student.

But surprisingly this case is different with a female teacher being impregnated by a young male student.

As a result of that, the principal of the institution has decided to put control over that by banning all forms of $exy dressing for both males and females, for both students and teachers.

The security man at the gate has been instructed to carry out serious dressing checks before letting both students and teachers enter the school campus.

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