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Prophet Java apologizes to Major 1 on “Bushiri’s dies in December” prophecy

It was a surprise to everyone when Prophet Java prophecied that the popular Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church is going to die in December. The phrophecy says Prophet Bushiri to die in December

This is according to a chilling prophecy which was made by fellow ‘Man of God’ Prophet Passion Java from Zimbabwe. The flamboyant Passion Java is the founder of Passion Java Ministries and the Kingdom Embassy church.

In his prophecy Prophet Passion Java says,

I was given the one mandate to pray for the prophet, major one Prophet Shepherd Bushiri…

In the month of December, I wrote it there, I saw a prophet, I can say one of the greatest prophets here on earth right now, who is alive. I saw Shepherd Bushiri. I saw him dying in the month of December. I saw a tragedy, I saw death.

Java goes on to say that he is now praying so that the Prophecy in which Prophet Shepherd Bushiri dies in December does not come true.   Prophet Passion also said that he wrote a book last year in which he wrote all the events on a month by month basis which he had prophecied.

WATCH: Video of Prophet Bushiri to die in December

Followers of the renoun prophet Shephered Bushiri popularly called Major 1 where very angry with this prophecy and none of them even seem to have 1% feeling that the prophecy might come to pass.

Prophet Shephered Bushiri himself has been silence on this matter but his follwers have denied to lie low as their Papa. A majority of the ECG members are now calling on the Zimbabwean Prophet Passion Java to apologize to Shephered Bushiri for having given a false prophecy against him just to seek popularity for himself and also sell his book. Statements are even been made that if he must apoplogize, he has to do it over the media so eeryone understand that what he earlier said abouth the Death of Major Prophet Shephered Bushiri was false.

Prophet Passion Java has not commented to this call and one can’t tell if he is going to summit to this call. Nevertheless December is to far to start so no one can confirm if the prophecy is true or false until after December. But let us not forget that Prophet Java himself said he is praying for Bushiri against the prophecy and calls on everyone else to join him pray for Bushiri so it does not come to pass.

So if Bushiri does not die in December, Is it going to be that Java gave a false prophecy or that Java’s prayer of the prophecy helped safe Bushiri?

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