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Robert Mugabe Buried In An Iron Grave To Prevent Alleged Stealing Of Body Parts

They Wanted To Steal The Late Mugabe’s Body Parts:’ Leo Finally Reveals Why They Changed Caskets

Former President Mugabe’s nephew Leo has finally revealed in an interview on ZTN why Mugabe’s family has been closely guarding the body of the late founding father. Robert Mugabe Buried In An Iron Grave

In a series of sensational revelations, Leo alleges that people are after the late Mugabe’s body to use it for rituals. This is the reason why the family opted for a tamper-proof coffin (Steel Coffin) to protect the late President’s body from defilement and also explains why former First lady Grace Mugabe has been keeping a keen eye on her husband’s coffin.

Robert Mugabe Buried In An Iron Grave
Robert Mugabe Buried In An Iron Grave

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