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So Sad!!! Virgin Blog Reader Amaka Puts up Her Virginity For Sale

My name is Amaka. I am 22 years old blog reader based at Anambra State. I work as a receptionist at a company. I am a virgin and I want to auction my virginity off. My father is dying of kidney failure and the dialysis has taken its tool on us. My mother is almost running mad from poverty.We practically live at the hospital now.

I wrote WAEC since 2012 but no way to further my education. We have sold all our village land and my fathers health has taken all. I have done everything within my power to raise money all to no avail. All the male friends in my life would not help because they are demanding for S3 x in return. No body to help without asking for something in return. 

My brothers are still young. My uncle who is a rev father has done his bit and has withdrawn because he dosn’t have anything left as he was just ordained last 2 years and he is the one training some of my younger ones. I have made up my mind to lose my pride to the highest bidder instead of these men who have decided to humiliate me first and torture me until my father dies. Please, I know this is wrong but I have gone past right or wrong now. I have prayed, fasted and yet my daddy is dying and my mum is lost. My mates are in 3rd year and I am working for 8k a month. I want anyone who is interested in taking my virginity to please reach out to me. 

The person can get a doctor for verification of my virginity and if anything should happen when we agree, it should be with protection unless that person would go for HIV and STD test with me at a hospital of my choice. Please don’t judge me  until you have walked in my shoes. The fact that I remained a virgin till date even with the trials and tribulations life has thrown at me is because I wanted to get married a virgin like my mum did. I just don’t have any other option.