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South African Horney Pastor BUSTED red-handed Secretly Spying Naked Woman

Pastor BUSTED Secretly Watching Naked Woman

A South African pastor alleged to have been creeping up on single women to secretly watch them naked was recently caught red-handed in the act, outside his neighbour’s house, peeping through the window. The cleric, who had terrorised unmarried women in Olievenhoutbosch in Midrand, north of Joburg, was apprehended by angry residents after one of his victims noticed him peeping through the curtains outside her house, and screamed, alerting her neighbours.

The cleric was brutally assaulted and tied up by angry residents who meted instant justice on him. Shockingly, several other women stepped out and confessed that they had on several occasions discovered that an unidentified man was peeping through their windows whilst they were bathing, only for him to disappear.

Pastor BUSTED Secretly Watching Naked Woman
Pastor BUSTED Secretly Watching Naked Woman

iHarare has learnt from South African online publication DailySun that, the incident occurred last week. A resident at the complex, who did not want to be named, told the publication that the pastor started his wicked ways last year.

In February last year we were told that in the morning and evenings there is someone hanging around the estate looking through the windows. We were told he peeps at single women when they bath. We lived in fear but we couldn’t catch him.

Another woman who spoke on condition of anonymity said: I first saw him when I stepped out of my shower and there he was with his head through the open window. As I was sitting down in the bath, I saw a man peeping through my window. It’s the man we bust.

When called for comment, the pastor said he had gone to see his girlfriend.

I went to see my lover, but when I got to the area my girlfriend’s husband was there. I was hiding from him when I was seen and I was seen to be a peeping Tom. I couldn’t indicate where her house was because her husband was there,.

I was humiliated by those residents. I wasn’t supposed to be seen crawling to a side chick. I was moered, despite telling them I was not peeping.

The pastor said he had opened an assault case.

Brigadier Mathapelo Peters confirmed that a case of assault was opened at Olievenhoutbosch cop shop.


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