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South African prophet arrested as miracle money turns Back Into Pieces Of Papers

Police have gotten prophet Seer 1 arrested in South Africa for miracle money laundry, after miracle money worth R100,000 turn back into pieces of papers. Seer 1 took R10,000 in return for R100,000 , but after a while the R100 000 turn back into pices of papers.

Sunday service was unusual for the members of Limpopo’s suspiciously fastest growing church of (Prophet Anointed CFM) in South Africa as police came to the church and got their prophet Seer 1 arrested for an alleged miracle money laundering crime.

In a video circulating the media, one woman named Memory claimed that he took the sum of R10.000 to the Prophet who in turn, brought out a series of news papers and after chanting some strange words changed the papers to money.

Said Memory, “I counted the money and everything came to the sum R100.000 then I took the money and left his house.

I was excited, but I got the shock of my life when I reached home and opened my bag, all the money was again turned to papers.

I called the prophet several times to report to him that all the monies were now papers but he did not pick up his phones.

I went to the church to meet him and I was beaten up by his securities and body guards, this prompted me to report the matter to the authorities.

I am glad that Seer1 was arrested on Sunday.

Prophet Anointed CFM popularly known as Seer1 is a magician not a Prophet, let him be clear to people that he’s a magician not a Prophet”, Says Sister Memory.

Our news editor can confirm that through a Facebook post posted on the Prophet’s Facebook page @Prophet Anointed CFM that Seer 1 has been arrested in South Africa and currently in the police custody.

South African Pastor Arrested As Miracle Money Turns Back Into Pieces Of Papers


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