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Stop Using Saliva As S-3e-x Lubricant – Medical Expert Warns

Lubrication, especially v-@-gina lubrication is an important part of S-3e-xual arousal. It readies the v-@-gina for penetration and reduces any accompanying friction or irritation. In this regard, a medical expert has warned against the practice of using saliva as a lubricant during S-3e-x.

Dr Kolade Johnson who works in a private hospital told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Ilorin that if anyone with a mouth sore use saliva as a lubricant, the partner would be exposed to genital herpes.

He said other diseases that could arise from using saliva as S-3e-x lubricant include Human Papilo Virus (HPV), syphilis, chlamydia and even gonorrhoea among others.

The medical expert said it could be worse for women as saliva could upset the v-@-gina environment to cause v-@-gina or yeast infections.