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27 Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes For Inspiration.

Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes For Inspiration is aimed at entertaining the world why dishing out some essential knowledge that can help in one situation or the other.

Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes For Inspiration.

1. Facebook is always notifying me about people’s birthdays. maybe they think I’m selling birthday cakes!!

2. If someone asks you why you keep chatting to your Ex, ask them if they never used past exam papers.

3. King Solomon had 700 wives and cheated on them with 300 concubines & God still loved him. Your husband cheats on you with one maid and we can’t have peace. Ladies read the Bible.

4. Poverty will not allow you to post funny stuff because you will think people are laughing at you and not with you.

5. At my funeral, there will be no food, only tissues. It’s simple, you came to cry my brother…

6.The fact that a BUS driver can STOP to pick you where there’s NO BUS STOP, but the same driver will REFUSE to drop you where there’s NO BUS STOP, prove that people only need you when it’s beneficial to them.

7. For all your failed dreams, I pray God gives you another chance.

8. The only time Africans get breakfast in bed is when they are admitted in the hospital..

9. Never judge someone based on a season. One season David was a shepherd, the next season he was a king!

One season Ruth was working in the field, the next season she was owning the same field!

One season Mordecai was sitting outside the king’s palace, the next season he was inside the palace!

We serve a God who turns around things,. the God of unmerited favor!

10.WIFE: I am already 50 and one of your friends still finds me very attractive.
HUSBAND: It must be Emeka the Ibo man, abi?
WIFE: Yes, but how did you know?
HUSBAND: Easy, he deals in scraps and fairly used.
Then the fight started.

11. You put up all kinds of makeup and deceived a guy. He started dating you and later discovered that was not the real you. Now he says it’s over and you claim he deceived you. My fellow brothers and sisters, who deceived who? Speak the truth God is watching.

12.Fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelash, fake face, and fake behavior. Yet a woman will say she needs a real man.
My sister is that just?

13. I don’t even trust English,
Why is it that “Give her her book” is correct and “Give him the book is not correct”?

14. Don’t tell a Lady that she is ugly… It’s rude, find a polite way to say it.
It’s better to say, “Babe, your face doesn’t make sense “.

15.Ladies If your maid has never asked for a day off just know her boyfriend is in the same house.

16. I don’t care if you look better than my wife, the fact is, I don’t love you.

17. Being dumped by a broke man is like being discharged from Hospital.

18.Once you tell an African lady That you love herYou already owe her money.

19. As we speak, someone is 2 hours pregnant but she doesn’t know

20. Nobody Cheats More Like a Girlfriend That Always Says..”The Problem Is That You Don’t Trust Me”

21. You claim that the products from China are fake. Why not try their poison?

22. Yes, humans are imperfect, Men and women alike.
And there is nothing like a perfect Person!
Perfection comes when two imperfects agree to accept their flaws and live with it.
That said, it would be foolish of anyone to walk into a serious relationship /Marriage with the idea of reforming or enduring his or her spouse. People do not change! People only compromise their flaws when they can’t afford to lose the other half. The day this willingness ends or is breached is the day the flaws come back. It is advisable to be involved with someone whose default is something you can endure. Something you can manage or live with.

23. I wish you well in your love life.

24. Some ladies will be matching purses with clothes but cannot match babies to their real father.

25. Idi Amin (former president of Uganda) once wanted to change the name of ‘Uganda’ to ‘Idi’ because he thought he could do anything with Uganda.
Everyone was afraid to challenge that decision except for a man who was close to him. His name was Prince.
He said: your Excellency sir, do you know Cyprus?
Idi Amin asked what has Cyprus got to do with my decision?
The man said the people of Cyprus are called ‘Cypriots’, so if you change ‘Uganda’ to ‘Idi’, we will be called ‘Idiots’.
He dropped the idea.

26. African parents will call you to take their plate to the kitchen while they walk behind you to wash their hands.

27. The one who plants bananas by the roadside, and the one who marries a pretty woman, share the same problem.

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