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The Difference Between Wealth And Poverty

Consistency pays, but yet never settle for less. Always learn to become a stronger version of yourself. “The fear of failure” has killed far more dreams than “failure” itself ever did. It is “The fear of failure” that made “great people” never became great. You have to make a decision and choose between success and failure.

There are 2 types of Laws of finance:

1} LAW OF POVERTY: This law states that work alone or work under someone and remain poor for the rest of your life. 95% of people in the world are living under this law. The people under this law make use of their credentials, they have an ego, they seek a job, they have someone called boss, they receive a salary which is a fixed amount.

S= Small
A= Amount
L= Limiting
A= And
R= Restricting
Y= You

These people are called the working class. They always look for a job.

J= Just
O= Over
B= Broke

2} LAW OF WEALTH: This law states that work with a team or group of people and remain wealthy forever, it is just 5% of people in the world that are living under this law. The people under this law make use of their potentials, and they are called the thinking class, they think of what to offer to the society and in turn, make money. These people earn their money which is income and it is not a fixed amount. These people are called the thinking class.

The difference between these laws is that the people under the LAW OF POVERTY don’t make use of opportunity.. why those under the LAW OF WEALTH make use of any opportunity that comes their way. The wealthy ones make use of ID Number and also Partnership, they have what is called big dreams but the poor don’t have.


Money does not respond to qualifications
Otherwise, the wealthiest people should have been Ph.D. holders.

Money does not respond to age Otherwise the world’s oldest twins would have been the richest.

‍ It is not about your degree
It is all about what you do after the degree.

‍Have you noticed that the 1st class degree holders are not the Richest
Neither is the 3rd class degree holders the poorest.
There is more to being wealthy than education.

The most important thing is Mindset πŸ‘Œ and the next thing is a Commitment to self DISCIPLINE.

The only person holding your key to success is YOU.

The secrets to success are for you to be willing to pay the price but the challenge is that very few are ready and willing to pay the price to succeed.

While some are partying and gisting, others are learning, planning and earning.

Don’t sit down and complain about where you are, it won’t change anything.

If you must see changes, the person that must change is You.

Be assured… YOU HAVE ALL IT TAKES TO Succeed, learn to invest the little you have and get a mentor to teach you how to grow your money. Finally, Longrich has come with the right platform for you to grab and built a good future legacy from it and gain financial freedom.