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The first sign of a useless girlfriend is “send me transport money”

As we all know that It is a custom, especially in Africa for men who asks a lady out to be the bankroller of the relationship.

But as the society is undergoing many changes and if properly viewed it seems that even as gender roles are changing so are the traditional terms of a romantic relationship are also changing.

A Twitter handler identified as ‘@Ransome_sneh’ has made the point even clearer with a short and profound statement. In his Twitter post, he posited that, any lady who asks for money from a guy as transport to visit him is an outright liability.

He wrote: “The first sign of a useless girlfriend is “send me transport”.

In this effect, he is probably advising other men to stay away from such ladies as they will drain their pockets and will add little to no value to their lives thereafter.

What’s your thought?