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The Moral Of Getting Rich, Important Facts To Know.

The Moral Of Getting Rich is an important aspect that everyone is supposed to experience. Getting rich is morally correct.

Many people have gotten it all mixed up, who is supposed to get rich, how and why. Some people may even ask if richness is from God or from Satan. But one thing certain for sure,

The Moral Of Getting Rich

Who Is to get rich? Evaluating The Moral Of Getting Rich.

The world is made up of three classes of people. Those making things to happen, those who watch things happen and those who don’t even know what is happening around them. Every human being on earth should be responsible enough to regulate the events that occur around him or her. The world is a free place as made by God alone. But the controversy is that the world is managed by two classes of spirit beings; God and Satan.

Now the persons living on earth are left with the free will to chose between taking the side of God or the side of Satan. The only knowledge guiding mankind to distinguish between God and Satan is that Good is of God while Bad is of Satan.

In general observation, the ability of a human being to get rich on earth depends on his or her seriousness rather than actually the choice of God or Satan. God favors His loyal servants as well as Satan to favor his loyal servants. The problems on earth now are seemingly resting on the people who are neither for God nor Satan. This class of people lives their lives at the mercy of chance and luck. And as a result, most of these people turn to be poor.

Evaluating the aspect of being rich

In this light, the basis of riches on earth could be said to be depending on seriousness alone. But the ideology of goodwill and morality turns to contradicts this fact. This is because to be rich also means to be satisfied. That is to love and to be loved. The way to get rich on the side of Satan is always painful to others who are certainly paying the price for the riches. On the other hand, The way to get rich in the direction of God is quite friendly, lovely and has a sense of morality to mankind. Hence true riches come from God

Richness is seriousness but true richness is based on seriousness and seriousness in the direction of God.

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