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Very shocking information reached the ears of the public about a certain lady who supposedly gave her baby tramadol to make him sleep but unfortunately, he gave up the ghost. On Monday the 23rd of January 2023, chaos broke out in Likomba, Tiko because of an infant’s death. It was rumoured that the mother of the baby was actually the one who killed her child by administering tramadol to him even when she knew he was sick. The population of Tiko molested the young lady and got her severely beaten for the atrocity she committed.

The lady in question is said to be a “hookup “girl and her need to keep her baby asleep in order to go out for hookup caused the death of her innocent baby. Different information have been circulating around on the circumstances surrounding the baby’s death. The first news that reached people was the fact that the lady deliberately gave the child tramadol overdose with the purpose of keeping him asleep so that she could go and club. The second source talked of how she locked up a sick child in the room after administering tramadol to go look for money to take him to the hospital the next day. Every single person around Likomba has his or her own story to tell about the incident. Even people who got to hear it or see it through social media have resulted to judging the young girl for deliberately wanting to kill her child so that she could live a stress-free life without the responsibility of caring for a child.

However, there is a secret and bitter truth that surrounds the little child’s death considering the information gotten from her family, baby daddy’s family and friends. The lady got pregnant while living with her parents. her family was angry about the unwanted pregnancy and asked her to leave the family house. She had no other option than to move into the guy’s parents’ home till she had her baby. Life became very difficult for them and feeding her baby wasn’t easy as she was neglected in the house. She decided to move out and start her life with her baby boy. She rented a single ”carabot” room where she stayed with her baby. She resulted to prostituting herself in order to carter for her son since it was the easiest thing she could do.

This lady used to keep her few months old baby with a neighbour. But on the 22nd of January, the said neighbour wasn’t at home and baby Bryan was sick. His mother had an important hookup job on the same day and she badly needed money to take her son to the hospital the next day. She administered tramadol to the child thinking it would keep him feeling calm and better until she comes back in the morning. Unfortunately for her, she returned the next morning and met the lifeless body of her son probably due to the effects of the tramadol. No one knows the exact cause of the child’s death and most rumours are based on assumption since no autopsy was conducted on the corpse.

The question is levied firstly on the mother and then the family and society with the following question

of all the jobs in the world, could she go for another job to earn money rather than prostitution?

Was it a life-or-death situation for Bryan’s mother to go out that night?

what was the role of the baby’s father in the life of the child and why didn’t he take responsibility?

why did her family disown her at a time of need?

why couldn’t her in-laws assist her?

was there no neighbour or friend to assist her financially for care for the baby that night?