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The Ghanaian woman behind the v_agina sweetening charm has been arrested

The woman behind the v_agina sweetening Charm, Affectionately called Mama Gee, she was arrested in a joint police and Food And Drugs Board Authority (FDA) operation last Wednesday.

Her true identity has been revealed as Elizabeth Torgbor, who sells her products mainly on social media particularly on Instagram, where she has a huge following and patronage.

She was arrested over the sale of unlicensed libido boosters and love charms.

According to the FDA, the table mixtures Mama Gee has been selling are unlicensed even though she is claiming that the medicine produced in different varieties can charm men and enhance sexual activity.

According to Mama Gee, her medicines make the v4ginas of ladies so ‘sweet’ that men are left with no option than to sheepishly shower them with anything at all they request from them without hesitation.

Mama Gee who also sells amulets in the form of beads that ladies are supposed to wear, explained that her products are made from herbs, some of which women must insert in their v4ginas to make them sweeter than ever to any man who has s3x with them.

Let Us Joinly Understand What Is Actually The Purpose Of This V_agina Sweetening Charm

But the question still hangs at, Why did she decide to be selling this v4gina sweetening charm, or why are girls needing this vagina sweetening charm for? couple to the fact that it is men who need this sweetness.

By simple resoning one can suggest a likely answer to this question. The first thing is that every man likes what is sweet and most girls get this charm to please their guys. But is that really all? Do they just want to please their guys? I personally Don’t think so.

  • The first logic is that when she pleases her guy, the guy will not leave her for another.
  • The second Ideology is that single girls want to please a guy so they can snatched him from his girl and make him to always wanting to comeback.
  • The last idealogy is the fact that women understands that if they can please a guy sexually then the guy can give them anything that they want, hence buying this vagina sweetening charm helps them to cause their guys always wanting to get more and could do anything possible just to enter there.

But apart from any other thing the theory is simple “Men were born in between the legs of a woman yet they spend their entire life wanting to enter back there, this is because there is no place sweeter than home”.