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University of Buea Online Registration

The university of Buea which is an Anglo-Saxon university uses online registration to admit their students , which they thing and has been proven over time to be the best system of registration to Cameroonians and its environs. The University of Buea has been existing for more than 20years with many professional institutions affiliated to it. It offers courses that covers all the different spheres  of life such as Business management, Human Resource management, Health Sciences, Accounting, Psychology, International Relations and a lot of other mind blowing programs. This university is not limited only to Cameroonians but also open for people all over the world, and because of this reason, online registration is the best method to admit students.

Only registration is a method of gaining admission in to a school or institution without   necessarily going to the campus. It can be done at the comfort of your home, office, cyber, or any where you find yourself with an android device, network and internet connection. Technology has made life so easy in such a way that you can do everything online and only know the campus when classes resume. The online registration is very easy and affordable. All that is needed is a passport size photo, copy of Advance and Ordinary level slip, and a photocopy of birth certificate. These documents are scanned and submitted via the school’s website after a sum of 15000 FCFA have been deposited in to the school account. This can be done online or by going to the bank.

The University of Buea uses online registration which is considered as the best because; it helps to reduce overcrowding At the campus. The University of Buea anticipated that a time will come when social distance will be implemented for security reasons, and that is exactly the case now with the COVID19 happenings. The online registration can be done at the entrance to the University campus,  cyber, offices or even at the comfort of your house. Foreigners also use the online system to register from their country and can only come to the country when the admission list is out.

The online registration system also helps in accuracy. Students have all the time to check their documents over and over again before summiting it to the school website, with no fear of their documents being misplaced or not reaching the right office. Theft is as well avoided since all finances are deposited in a bank and not in the hands of any individual. These are few of the many reasons why the University of Buea prefers online registration.

Though a handful of students find this online system of registration very difficult and annoying. With reasons being that, during the period of registration, It is difficult to distinguish between agents and fraudsters. That is why, not everyone with a laptop and internet connection can do the online registration. Some agents go as far as extorting money from ignorant students and at the end of the day, these students discovered that they were never registered. That is why, it is advisable for students to deposit their registration fee in the bank themselves and only bring the receipt to the agent during registration. Sometimes, because of the on and off network connection, some students fail to meet up with the deadline of registration.

That notwithstanding, statistics have proven that online registration is the best, that is why other professional institutions have implemented this online registration system and is working too for them.