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Female preacher exposes her nipples while preaching to get more male followers

A female preacher has sparked controversy after she filmed herself talking about God – while flashing her nipples.

LaTascha Emanuel, an African American minister from Fayetteville, North Carolina, was delivering a message titled The Forked Tongue.

In it, she encourages others to be kind to their family, friends and strangers.

But there’s something in the footage that detracts from her message – her breasts.

Wearing a low cut, zebra print top, LaTascha talks to the camera with her blouse pulled below her nipples, although she appears to make no reference to the fact that her breasts were exposed.

“Let’s be more conscious of what we say, and what we speak. Amen?” LaTascha says as she finishes her sermon.
But LaTascha has come up against criticism from others who disagree with her methods.

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“Even thought she’s speaking the word of God no ones paying attention [sic],” one YouTube commenter wrote.

On her Twitter page, LaTascha states: ” I am an unconventional minister set aside for an unconventional time such as this reaching the world with the gospel and grace of Jesus Christ.”

LaTascha is also known for a series of sermons she preaches, titled ‘The Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole’, where she also exposes her nipples while talking.

While some are critical of LaTascha’s approach, others are more supportive.

One wrote: “It seems to me that mature people can listen to the message without focusing on her breasts.”