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Video: Ghanaian Pastor shaves private parts of female church members for deliverance

A video has emerged and trending heavily on social media of an alleged pastor in a really weird circumstance. The video has the pastor inviting and shaving the private parts of female members of his church. The pastor in the video pastor expressed anger at people’s disbelief concerning the anointing on his life.

In the video females members are seen removing their panties as instructed by the pastor, after which he took time to shave off their pubic hair . According to him, his basis for conducting this unusual act is based on scriptures as a process of purification.

To add to the bizarre scene, the furious pastor is seen giving a directive that every female congregant would be bathed by him as part of the cleansing process. Shockingly all the members agreed to the outrageous act and encouraged the pastor to continue his spiritual activities on them.

The enraged pastor ordered everyone who was found recording his act, to relinquish their mobile phones to him to avoid escalating the video over social media.