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Video: Major 1 response to Prophet Java’s prophecy calling it fake.

Some attention seekers, looking for attention and fame using other people’s names and trying things like I saw you in the spirit you gonna die. We around, am not dying and we are not going anywhere.

And am not going to mention his name because that is what he wanted. He want to be saying I told you major1 is going to mention my name but am not going to mention his name because he is fake. Am not dying, on the 31st december I will be there.

You don’t play with words of death. Just to become popular you wanna use somebody’s name


A great prophet says another’s prophecy is fake just because the prophecy involved him at the wrong end.
This is just to tell us there is an explanation for anything. Most at times it is not even about the God in heaven, but about how people feel personally.
You can tell the world all the sweet stories when in your comfort zone, but the true you is seen only when you are pushed beyond your threshold


Martin Luther King, Jr; August 28, 1963, “I have a Dream”

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