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VIDEO: Mixed Reaction In Church As Pastor Kisses A Girl Repeatedly For Deliverance

Sincerely speaking if one has to look at some the acts committed by some supposed man of God, then one might be tempted to think God does not exist. But certainly God is not man and the heart of men is full with greed and personal interest. Religion was actually brought in place to uphold morality but what you look at what is happening today, it is more of a kind of slavery where men of God feel that Christians just have to accept everything they say or do as a christian teacher.

In a video that is now making the rounds on social media, a pastor was spotted kissing his female church member during a deliverance service. In the short clip, the ‘pastor’ held on to a young lady’s face and kissed her for some moments before finally letting go. Interestingly, the supposed man of God repeated the act after he was seemingly unsatisfied with the result of the first kiss.

Members in the church expressed mixed feelings as they were astonished by what their eyes saw, with some carrying their hands on the head, other taking out phones to record and some other ladies where seen being carried away by the romantic act of the pastor. Maybe some ladies even wish they were the ones being kissed by the man of God.

Nevertheless, in this complicated world of ours there is but only one God and each and everyone of us has to pray God lead us the right way.

May God Have Mercy On Us All.