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VIDEO: Pastor Smashing and Kicking A Pregnant Woman On Her Stomach For Safe Delivery

God has always spoken to His chosen people to spread His words and perform miracles in His name. But the action of some supposed servants of God puts big question mark, and people may begin to wonder if truly their practices is the right application of the gospel. Imagine a pastor stepping and kicking a pregnant woman on her stomach . What is he really thinking? Or is that how his own spirit leads him?

I think this Pastor has gone way too far and should be immediately arrested as his video kicking a pregnant woman on her stomach in the name of God has emerged. Sometimes I wonder what is really wrong with us Africans, this is not acceptable.

Women especially have to be careful the way the respect their pastors and take orders from them. It is not because someone has self proclaimed himself as a pastor that you will accept everything from him without even thinking.