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Why you need to hug your kids when they are awful

The best kept secret for calming and relaxing your kids when they are acting out is a simple hug.

Last week my daughter was throwing a fit… angry about having to go to school that day.

Fits aren’t something that happen around here much anymore. After all, they’re growing out of that phase the older they get. (Can I get a hallelujah?)

But that day she was adamant that she was. not. going. and eventually it turned into a mini meltdown.

Over the years I’ve figured out the quickest way to get those big emotions under control and that’s with a big, two-armed, love filled, bear hug.

In those moments when big emotions fill such a tiny body, they so often need a quick stress reliever and a hug does just that.

Why Hugs are Miracle Workers

According to science, hugs do some pretty awesome things:

♥ They lower your blood pressure. (source)

♥ They reduce anxiety and stress by releasing oxytocin into the body.

♥ They boost serotonin levels which balances your mood.

♥ They lower your heart rate. <– So important when a kid is panicking! (source)

Hugs are so powerful!

Think about how wonderful this is: That right within your own body you have a built in mechanism to help your child lower their blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety and stress. It’s magic!

And the kids that need that the most are the ones that are acting out the worst.

Hug those angry kids. Those defiant kids. Those “I hate you, leave me alone” kids.

When your instinct is to walk away, avoid and punish, try the opposite. Try connection. Try compassion.

Try a hug. ♥

Source: Love+Marriage