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Women make more sacrifices in marriage than men – Nigerian man says

A Nigerian man identified as Kelvin Odanz has shared his thoughts on which gender makes more sacrifices and contributes more in marriage.

According to Kelvin, although men make sacrifices, they are not comparable to the amount of sacrifices women make in marriage.

Women make more sacrifices in marriage than men
Women make more sacrifices in marriage than men

He also said that the crown goes to women because they put their entire life on the line. In his words: “When it comes to sacrifices made in marriage,I don’t think we men deserve to be on the same seat with women abeg. “Women put their entire life on the line for marriage: pregnancy, childbirth, career, domestic duties etc.

“We men do our best, we provide. But the crown is for women. “I think the only problem comes when the usual toxic group of women on Twitter try to rubbish the sacrifices men make. “Some men pull their own weight: toil for the family, even help out with domestic duties and raising kids.

“But it is NOWHERE CLOSE to women’s sacrifice. “Childbirth alone is a HUGE sacrifice. It could go south. And then carrying the pregnancy with all the hormonal change and body changes? “Then we talk about post birth depression? The effect of childbirth on women’s body? “And sometimes how they put their career on hold??

“I appreciate men for their sacrifices ooo. My dad has hustled for the family, in fact he funded us like 80% of the time. “But all the money he has spent in nothing compared to the sacrifice my own mother has made.

“I mean, my dad still helps out with domestic duties oo, till date “If we start listing out what women sacrifice for marriages, most of us will just keep quiet for the rest of this debate. “In fact, some women finish making all these sacrifices (cook, clean, childbirth etc) and still have to HUSTLE to feed themselves and the kids. No be Nigeria? “A lot of us men acknowledge these sacrifices and we don’t treat our women wrong in any way (wife,mother, sister, friends). We honour them. “Our war is just against Twitter’s cultural Marxists who want to destroy the family unit by sowing seeds of discord between men and women.”

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