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You’ll never find peace if you refuse to give your husbands peace –Counsellor to women

Women who have made it their habit of tormenting their husbands have been reminded that they will not know peace themselves irrespective of what they do.

Renowned marriage Counsellor, Dr Mrs. Charlotte Oduro observes that women are supposed to do what is expected of them in their homes in order not to have side chicks do it for their men.

In an interview he granted Accra-based Asempa Fm monitored by, the outspoken Counsellor said “they go to church and their prayer points are side chicks….shouting Holy Ghost fire. The fire is going to you straight it won’t hit anybody. Until you do your work at home, a side chick will do it for you”

She added “any woman who also refused to give the husband peace will never have peace herself”

Dr. Mrs Charlotte Oduro reiterated her warning that ladies who refuse to pamper their men risk having others take up that responsibility and this could lead to them  losing the relationship,

“I am surprised when we say pamper your husband they have issues…your own man? Who should pamper him for you? You need to do it before somebody will do it for you”, she revealed.

According to her, there are others hungry out there willing to grab such a glorious opportunity explaining it is not an endorsement for men to cheat. Zoure/2019

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