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“I can’t breath” Black man cries for help as U.S police strangles him to dead in broad day light (Video)

Black Man Killed By Police 

Black Man Being Killed By Police

A horrifying video has gone viral worldwide which shows an unarmed 46-year-old black man named George Floyd being killed during an arrest by four police officers in the United States city of Minneapolis.

The video of the fatal encounter which has gone viral worldwide was posted on Facebook by Darnella Frazier who captioned it,

They killed him right in front of cup foods over south on 38th and Chicago!! No type of sympathy 💔💔#POLICEBRUTALITY.

The nine-minute video shows a white officer pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck behind a squad car. While lying facedown on the road, Floyd repeatedly groans and says he can’t breathe.

“He’s not even resisting arrest right now, bro,” one bystander tells the white officer and his partner, in the video. “You’re f—ing stopping his breathing right now, you think that’s cool?”

After about five minutes, Floyd stops moving and appears unconscious. People in the gathering crowd plead for the officers to check Floyd’s pulse. The officer on Floyd’s neck does not lift his knee until medical personnel arrive and carry him to an ambulance.

Charles McMillan says he saw it all happen.

“There’s a black man who died and it could have been prevented, because all he had to do was get his feet off his neck,” McMillan said.

Black Man Being Killed By Police
George Floyd: Video Shows Black Man Being Killed By Police

Below is part of the video footage of the arrest and killing of George Floyd.

In a statement earlier on Tuesday, the Minneapolis Police Department said its officers were responding to a “report of a forgery in progress” and that Floyd had resisted arrest.

“After [the suspect] got out [of his car], he physically resisted officers,” the statement said. “Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress.”

However, CBS News acquired video of Floyd’s initial arrest, which seems to contradict the police’s claim that he resisted arrested, at least in the early stages of their encounter.